Apprenticeship in Teaching Program

Enhancing the Preparation of Graduate Students as Teachers

The Apprenticeship in Teaching (AT) Program is designed to help graduate students and others become more reflective and skilled teachers, aware of the research on teaching and learning in higher education, and familiar with pedagogical best practices. The program offers a chance for graduate students and others to participate in pedagogy workshops and engage in teaching-related tasks designed to enhance their preparation for college teaching, supplemented with mentorship from current faculty and CNDLS professional teaching staff. Our goal is to give participants increased confidence and preparation for an academic position with teaching responsibilities.

Core Program Requirements

The program is set up with the following core requirements; completion of the program results in a notation on the student’s academic transcript. Students are also welcome to participate on an ad hoc basis, simply registering for the workshops and submitting those teaching tasks that prove most useful. To complete the full program and receive the notation, however, participants must complete the following:

  1. 1. Spend at least two semesters in the program;
  2. 2. Email a scanned, signed Program Registration Form to;
  3. 3. Attend our introductory workshop, "Introduction to Teaching Resources," held at the beginning of each semester. (Note: This workshop is NOT a prerequisite to other workshops, though we recommend attending it first if possible);
  4. 4. Attend an additional six workshops: 4 core and 2 elective;
  5. 5. Complete four authentic teaching tasks by submission deadline. Submissions must be electronic (see sidebar links for more details on each task);
  6. 6. Create a personal “AT Bibliography” containing a list of planned/implemented of teaching techniques and an annotated list of at least 10 SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) or other relevant teaching articles;
  7. 7. Email with your intended graduation date; email this information a second time once you have completed all requirements for the AT program.

For greater detail on the program's elements, please watch this youtube video.

Who is the AT program for?

The program is oriented toward students planning to teach in higher education, although participants going on to other teaching professions or careers involving various teaching opportunities have found the program useful. All interested graduate students in both masters and doctoral programs are eligible to participate. Participation may range from attending occasional workshops to pursuing program completion. There is no charge to students or their departments to participate in the AT program. Graduate students at any point in their careers are welcome to participate. However, because of the number and variety of requirements and the importance of sustained engagement and practice, participants must spend at least two semesters participating if they plan to complete the program; it is recommended that students begin two years or at least three semesters before their intended graduation. The AT program does not replace departmental teacher preparation courses but can be incorporated into a larger curriculum of professional development.

Program Completion

Participants must finish the AT program within their graduate career to receive the transcript notation. If you plan to complete or have completed all the requirements, please email during your final semester (or, at the very latest by the final submission deadline) to confirm your intention to complete the program. We will then confirm your completion and notify the registrar to include the program notation on your transcript.  

For those who wish to participate but do not think they will be able to fully complete the program, we can provide you with an Official Letter of Participation - upon request - listing the workshops you've attended. You can attach this to your CV or dossier.

Program Resources

  • View our Apprenticeship in Teaching brochure (PDF).
  • Visit the CNDLS Teaching Commons for a series of posts on pedagogical best practices.
  • Read through our Teaching Tips pages
  • Subscribe to the Apprenticeship in Teaching Program Listserv. If you want to be the first to hear about workshop registration and special AT Program events, opportunities, and resources, subscribe to the list by sending an email message to with the following in the body of the message: subscribe AT-L (your) Firstname (your) Lastname (Example: subscribe AT-L Joe Hoya)
  • Join our private Facebook group for announcements and to keep in touch with program alumni and fellow participants. Visit this address and click "join group."
  • To keep a personal record of your attendance and participation, you can also log into the AT Canvas Page, which we update after each workshop and completed task.