The Apprenticeship in Teaching (AT) Program is designed to help graduate students and other developing teachers become more reflective and skilled instructors, informed by the research on teaching and learning in higher education, and familiar with pedagogical best practices. The program offers a chance for graduate students and others to participate in pedagogy workshops and engage in teaching-related tasks designed to enhance their preparation for college teaching. With mentorship and support from current faculty and CNDLS professional teaching staff, we aim to give participants increased confidence and preparation for a thriving teaching practice in an academic position or other career paths.

Each AT Program workshop will be oriented around:

  • Evidence-based practices for effective teaching
  • Commitments to equity and anti-racist pedagogy
  • An environment of support and care

Unless otherwise announced as in-person, all AT Program workshops, book clubs, and office hours will be held in this Zoom meeting: 832 113 7451.

Ways to engage in the program

The AT Program invites various levels of participation, each with a corresponding letter of completion to verify participation in the program.

  1. Ad hoc Participation: Students are welcome to participate in a way that works best for them, including attendance at only those workshops that interest them or requesting specific consultations with AT Program staff. Such participants can request a Letter of Participation.
  2. Workshop Series: The next level recognizes completion of the workshop requirements (completing the Intro, 5 core, and 2 elective workshops) and can be done in one semester. The Workshop Series track awards participants a Letter of Completion.
  3. Program Completion: The final track requires fulfillment of the workshop requirements as well as 6 corresponding authentic teaching tasks and must be completed over the course of at least 2 semesters. Participants who fully complete the AT Program receive both a Letter of Completion and a notation on their transcript.

Please note: If you joined the AT Program prior to Fall 2019, the requirements you need to fulfill to complete the AT Program will be different. Please email us at atprogram@georgetown.edu if you have any questions or need a reminder on what those requirements are!

Who is the AT Program for?

The program is oriented toward students planning to teach in higher education, although participants going on to other teaching professions or careers involving various teaching opportunities have found the program useful, too. All interested graduate students in both masters and doctoral programs are eligible to participate.

There is no charge to students or their departments to participate in the AT program. Graduate students at any point in their careers are welcome to participate.

However, because of the number and variety of requirements and the importance of sustained engagement and practice, participants must spend at least two semesters participating if they plan to complete the program; it is recommended that students begin two years or at least three semesters before their intended graduation.

The AT program does not replace departmental teacher preparation courses but can be incorporated into a larger curriculum of professional development.

Moreover, we welcome post-docs and others to attend our workshops and submit teaching tasks. Instead of a transcript notation, you will receive a Letter of Completion or Participation detailing your participation in the AT Program. If you have any questions, please email atprogram@georgetown.edu.

To keep a personal record of your attendance and participation, you can also log into the AT Canvas Page, which we update after each workshop and completed task.