Authentic Teaching Tasks


Note: if you joined the AT Program before Fall 2019, please contact us about your teaching task requirements.

Participants in the AT program must submit six authentic teaching tasks to complete the program. Each task is associated with a respective workshop.

Authentic Teaching Tasks at a Glance
Workshop Teaching Task Required or Elective
Introduction to Teaching Resources Campus Resource Visit and Reflection Required
Course Design Annotated Bibliography of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Journal Articles Required
Syllabus Design Syllabus Draft Required
Reflective Teaching in Practice Teaching Philosophy Statement Required
Assessment and Grading Grading Rubric Design Elective
Effective Classroom Interaction Classroom Observation and Teaching Techniques Elective
Inclusive Pedagogy Elective Inclusive Pedagogy Project Elective
Technology Elective Technology Project Elective
Other Elective (or Book Club) Reflection Paper or Videotaped Teaching Consultation Elective

For each task, you must submit the proper documentation electronically in the AT Program (2) course. Click on the hyperlinked instructions for each teaching task listed below.

In addition, you must complete 2 written assignments from the list below. Please note that you may only submit one General Reflection on an Elective Workshop for credit. Even though two elective workshops are required for program completion, we will only accept one General Reflection elective task. Your two elective tasks must be different.

Specifications for the Inclusive Pedagogy and the Technology Projects are under review and will be available soon. Please email us if you would like to get started on these now.

Completing the six authentic teaching tasks takes time and organization. We have found that participants who wait until their final semester to begin these tasks find it difficult to complete them. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to develop a teaching task completion plan at least a full semester before your anticipated graduation date.

Note to graduating participants: If you are graduating, please be sure you’ve informed us of your graduation date and make every effort to submit materials well in advance of your graduation date and no later than the CNDLS Review Deadline designated below.

Deadlines For Graduating Participants

  • The Fall Semester deadline is the Friday before the week of Thanksgiving
  • The Spring Semester deadline is the Friday after Spring Break

These deadlines are only for participants who are graduating in December or May respectively; they ensure that we have time to review and solicit revisions when necessary prior to a participant’s graduation. If you do not plan to graduate during the current semester, then the semester submission deadlines do not apply to you.

Please submit any completed documentation electronically on the AT Program (2) Canvas course. You will need to scan and email documents with faculty signatures.