Let’s design together.

We believe that innovations in online learning can help us discover new ways of learning in all spheres. At the same time, we build on a rich foundation of tried and true teaching and learning strategies. Join us to design the future of our students’ online learning experience.

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Are you interested in exploring online learning with CNDLS?

We work directly with programs, departments, and schools to create online programs and courses. Our services can vary depending on need, and can include program development, curricular design as well as course design and production.

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The Georgetown approach to designing online learning

Online programs at Georgetown reflect the core educational mission of the University by supporting the development of reflective lifelong learners and building upon our tradition of excellence and innovation in teaching and learning. We offer the same academic rigor as our on-campus programs and provide our online students with academic services to support their learning.

Georgetown’s institutional approach to online programs ensures that online education is part of our systems of governance, and academic oversight ensures the integrity of our online offerings.

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