About the Center

CNDLS has supported faculty and graduate students with tools, resources, and opportunities for new learning environments since 2000.

CNDLS has distinguished Georgetown as a leader in the scholarship of teaching and learning with a particular strength in developing innovative forms of pedagogy and the development of new ways of supporting teaching and learning.

Middle States Report, Spring 2012

We began with a mission to bridge a historic gulf between pedagogy and technological advances, and today CNDLS integrates a teaching and learning center with the latest educational technology. Our team of experienced educators facilitates a broad-based program that promotes discovery, engagement, and diversity in an ever-expanding conception of learning.

CNDLS encourages postsecondary educators to critically review their teaching practices. We help them implement their big ideas, support their research, and incorporate technology into their course design. We consult with them as they refine new educational approaches and design programs for assessment so that they understand their impact on students. We're proud to have participated in a variety of projects that successfully uncover students' learning processes.

CNDLS is the home to the scholarship of teaching and learning at Georgetown University. Our own staff members, in addition to faculty and graduate affiliates, are engaged in advanced research on teaching practices, assessment techniques, instructional design, student learning, and technologies to enhance the latest educational environments. Whether it's rethinking course design, assessing curriculum, or creating a dynamic digital archive, CNDLS works to align teaching practices with student learning.

CNDLS collaborates with many university divisions, including University Information Services, the Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching and Service, and many others. We are primarily supported by the Office of the Provost and UIS; however, our leadership in national projects has led to outside funding from various sources.

Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship

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