The creation of media or digital tools begins with a conversation about the learner. What does the learner need to be able to do or understand? Where do they often get confused, and how can we illustrate those complex concepts more clearly? How can we enable students to practice, experiment, and reflect? These crucial behind-the-scenes steps ensure our media and digital tools are not only beautiful — but powerful, measurable mechanisms for learning.

Media Production

At CNDLS, we see media production and learning design as deeply intertwined, and we believe that this relationship enriches the quality of multimedia learning materials we produce.

Our expertise in video production, audio production, animation, and graphic design enables us to provide the University with an extensive set of production services. Our services support academic program development, individual faculty-driven projects, as well as institutional projects.

To learn more about how videos we’ve produced have been embedded in Georgetown courses and curricula, visit our Online Programs. To get a sense of the variety of types of videos we produce, take a look at the following sample reel.

CNDLS collaborates with faculty to design and develop course media that fits their unique content, goals, and audience. Through a variety of styles, our video and graphics production services make complex concepts clear and engaging.

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Web Development

At CNDLS, we are always looking at how technology can help faculty teach more effectively and amplify student learning. We regularly scan the horizon to identify promising new technologies and run pilot studies to see how those technologies might benefit our teaching and learning community at Georgetown. Sometimes, though, there’s no available technology or product to fill a need our faculty are facing. In such cases, we collaborate closely with them to explore needs, scope, and resources toward a potential partnership to develop a solution. That solution might involve designing something as small as a single embeddable interaction, or as expansive as a new learning platform. The development team at CNDLS is experienced in creating new learning environments. To learn more about some of the learning products we’ve developed, take a look at the projects that follow.

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