Areas of inquiry at CNDLS

We collaborate on projects around learning with faculty, academic staff, and external partners. Given our mission, we're especially interested in investigating changing paradigms in teaching and learning. How is learning changing? How can we harness—or help shape—that change to improve student learning?

We are especially active in the following areas of inquiry.

  • Faculty Development
  • Critical Studies in Higher Education
  • Digital Learning
  • Reflective and Engaged Teaching
  • Inclusivity and Belonging
  • Learning Design and Analytics
  • Student Experience and Success Outcomes

What we’re learning about learning

When the pandemic moved us online, we ramped up our assessment efforts to keep the pulse of how students and faculty were feeling and how they were experiencing the learning process during this unprecedented time. The insights we gathered were incredibly valuable, and we wanted to share them widely. And with that, the What We’re Learning About Learning podcast was born.

We didn’t want the podcast to be about us—so its focus is on giving voice to students and faculty as they reflect on their experiences. While we our first episodes focused on remote learning, topics have become wide-ranging and include anti-racist pedagogy, experiential learning, and more.

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Scholarship by CNDLS staff

For 20 years, we've published and presented our work as part of our commitment to public scholarship.

View a collection of scholarship by CNDLS staff over the last eight years

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