Professor conducting class listening

Once your course is underway, you’re faced with lots and lots of decisions: how to balance discussion and lecture, how to handle difficult conversations, how to encourage active learning and reflection, and much more. Below you’ll find a variety of resources to help you make the most out of every session.



CNDLS Curriculum Enrichment Grants

These grants are intended to help faculty and students take advantage of the resources of the larger community, bringing the curricular and co-curricular together in order to give students in a richer sense of the broader implications and applications of work in that particular discipline.

Doyle Diversity Grants

The Doyle diversity grants facilitate activities designed to engage students in introductory-level courses with issues of difference and diversity. In addition to the goals articulated above, Doyle diversity grants are meant to fund projects which help students engage with diversity or gain a greater recognition of their own positionality vis-a-vis issues of plurality and social justice.

Engelhard Conversations on Teaching

Engelhard Faculty Conversations on Teaching aim to create a small community of colleagues for deep exploration of various topics that relate to teaching and well-being, and foster connections with each other around the work we do here at Georgetown.