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Great courses don’t just happen; they’re the result of careful planning and design work, from learning goals to syllabus. This hub can help you think through all the steps that lead to a really successful class.



Course and Curriculum Design Consultation

A conversation with CNDLS can help faculty to clarify current teaching goals and practices in a particular course, and then to identify methods or strategies that will help the faculty reach those goals.

Mid-Semester Teaching Feedback

A Mid-Semester Teaching Feedback session is an assessment technique conducted at the midpoint of the semester. This technique allows faculty to gather feedback from students on aspects of a course that are new or changed from the previous semester, course activities such as class time, homework, projects, lab work, use of technology, and a lot more. The resulting feedback then allows faculty to implement changes in the remainder of the semester based on student comments.

Faculty Stories

Betsy Sigman

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Marcia Chatelain

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Josiah Osgood

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Christopher King, Alex Theos, & Rhonda Dzakpasu

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Alex Theos, Christopher King, & Rhonda Dzakpasu

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Alex Theos

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