Grants Available at CNDLS

We offer several programs that offer financial support to carry out teaching and learning projects, ranging from small, individual classroom projects to broader research efforts.

Curriculum Enrichment Grants

Apply for a Curriculum Enrichment Grant at any time throughout the semester, as we accept applications on a rolling basis.

Launched under the Georgetown Learning Initiative (GLI), curriculum enrichment/experiential learning grants (CEGs) support course-related activities that strengthen the intellectual climate. These grants were designed after "Call to Action: Curriculum and Learning at Georgetown", which asked us to commit to enhancing the undergraduate learning culture by engaging all students. Consequently, these grants support course-related activities, speakers, and other experiential learning opportunities that deepen student understanding as well as expose them to diverse experiences and experts in the field of study. These grants are intended to help faculty provide their students with a sense of the broader implications and applications of work in their discipline. They also provide faculty with an opportunity to move learning beyond their classroom or individual expertise to enhance student learning as well as their own teaching.

These activities might include: field trips, performance attendance, guest lectures, cultural immersion opportunities, inclusive pedagogy learning opportunities, and other activities designed to foster dialogue inside and outside the classroom, expose the students to diverse voices and experiences related to the field, and extend students' understanding of course material and how it relates to the world outside of academia.

Note: if you are applying for a CEG that includes dinner, we recommend a budget of no more than $22 per student per meal. Interested in seeing how other faculty have used curriculum enrichment grants? Read about the week guitarist and composer Marc Ribot spent on campus at the invite of Ben Harbert (Performing Arts).

If you are unsure whether a particular event or activity might be funded, feel free to contact Doireann Renzi with your questions.

Learning, Equity, Access, and Pedagogy (LEAP) Initiative

Georgetown’s Learning, Equity, Access, and Pedagogy Initiative, or LEAP, is a new program, announced by university leadership, that supports academic units’ strategic planning to examine and strengthen the climate, content, and pedagogy of their teaching and learning environments, toward the goal of building and sustaining inclusive learning experiences for their students. CNDLS and other campus units are here to help you in this process. We’re available for questions and conversations at