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Mentoring Initiative

When a faculty member mentors a student, helping that student grow and develop as a person and professional beyond the confines of any one college course, great things happen.

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ePortfolio Initiative

ePortfolios allow students to collect, archive, and publish their work, as well as draw connections among different projects and integrate topics and themes across disciplines and semesters.

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Sustainability Education Initiative

At its core, sustainability education involves engaging students on the wicked, complex, and pervasive problems of environmental degradation in order to protect ecosystems and meet the needs of human and non-human nature both today and in the future.

About the Sustainability Education Initiative

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Technology-Enhanced Learning

In technology-enhanced learning, an instructor thoughtfully implements technology to improve student learning outcomes. Rather than employing technology for technology’s sake, instructors use technology to improve conditions for learning, including providing plentiful opportunities for practice, feedback, interaction, and engagement.

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About Georgetown's Initiative on Technology Enhanced Learning

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Bottlenecks and Thresholds Initiative

Where do students get stuck? What keeps them from progressing beyond basic understanding? How might faculty better teach disciplinary thinking?

About the Bottlenecks and Thresholds Initiative

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Thresholds of Writing

How might we design learning situations that help students encounter dimensions of intellectual work that are “necessarily difficult,” in ways that are formative to students’ thinking, habits of mind, and even their identity?

About Thresholds of Writing

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Project Rebirth

The Project Rebirth Educational Initiative was a collaboration between CNDLS and Columbia University’s Center for New Media Teaching and Learning. The initiative's goal was to unite people who are interested in studying trauma and recovery.

About Project Rebirth