We’re here to help

We‘re always eager to talk with our Georgetown colleagues about issues in teaching and learning. Perhaps you’re planning your course and looking for some feedback on assignment ideas. Or you might be looking for tips on how to address a teaching challenge. Or maybe you're not even sure how to articulate your question. In all of those cases, we're here to help.

What’s the best way to find someone to talk to at CNDLS?

We want to help you get what you need quickly. Here are some ways to contact us.

  • If you have an urgent question during business hours, 'ring our doorbell' and a staff member will reach out to you immediately.
  • If you want us to connect you to someone who can help, email us.
  • If you’re looking to put a face together with a name, browse our staff listings.

Who’s available for a consultation?

The CNDLS team is composed of learning designers, media producers, faculty developers, technologists, visual designers, application developers, and many other roles. Many of us teach courses ourselves, while others have extensive disciplinary knowledge and professional expertise. When you get in touch with us, we’ll take a look at your question or interest, and connect you to a colleague (or group of colleagues) who can help.

What can we talk about together?

We’re ready to talk about anything that will help you as you teach, or as you look to better understand how students learn. We’ve held consultations, sometimes even leading to long-lasting collaborations, on many topics. This is just a sampling:

  • Alternatives to traditional grading models
  • Using Canvas effectively for in-person or online courses
  • What activities might help uncover student confusion over course content
  • How to build community in the classroom

I want to talk about course design. Anything I can read in advance?

We’ve listed out some of the big areas we like to be sure to address on our Course and Curriculum Design page.

What if I want CNDLS to talk with several of us, or even my whole department?

We are available to meet with larger groups, including joining departmental meetings (Chair’s request) to share about a teaching topic. Please be in touch to let us know about your group’s particular needs.

I’m ready for a conversation

If you’d like to meet, please let us know.

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