Opportunities to discuss teaching together

Do you want to engage with colleagues from across the University around issues of teaching and learning? Would you appreciate exploring new ideas and approaches you might use in the classroom? We invite you to browse through the opportunities below and let us know your interest in joining one of our communities to explore approaches and topics in teaching and learning.

Teaching Circles

A Teaching Circle is a group of faculty who come together regularly to discuss a particular topic of interest related to teaching.

For many years, CNDLS has facilitated faculty learning communities and communities of practice. Teaching Circles are very similar to these, but differ slightly in their relative informality and loosely structured approach to discussion sessions. The Teaching Circle model places faculty at the helm and combines elements of the more common CNDLS programming of cohorts (CNDLS-driven) and faculty learning communities (faculty-driven).

We’re planning to run the following Teaching Circles this fall:


Discusses pedagogical and programmatic approaches in beginning, intermediate, and advanced language programs


This teaching circle is an opportunity for members of the GU community who are already using GU Domains in their teaching looking to connect with other Domains users, as well as people interested in using Domains but aren’t sure where to get started. We will share the works we’ve done, hope to do, share best practices, and answer questions about teaching with GU Domains.

Ignatian Pedagogy
How can we incorporate Ignatian Pedagogy in our teaching? This teaching circle will introduce the five principles of Ignatian Pedagogy, read and discuss examples where faculty have used these principles in their teaching, and brainstorm strategies for implementing these principles into your own classes. Newcomers and those already with experience in Ignatian Pedagogy are all welcome.

Teaching, like scholarship, is best approached as a kind of public activity—and this is especially true in our current pandemic-teaching situation. In this teaching circle, we will gather to share ideas, express our frustrations and challenges, and work together on solutions and methods for maximizing student learning in our current remote and hybrid teaching settings. Drawing on the expertise and experience of our members, the focus of this teaching circle will be general and dictated by the interests and needs of those who join. One will be offered during business hours and the other after 5 pm to accommodate a range of schedules.

Does a Teaching Circle sound like what you’re looking for?

We’re always welcoming new participants to our Circles, and we regularly add new Circles to our lineup. Let us know of your interest by emailing us at cndls@georgetown.edu!

Faculty Book Club

In Fall 2022, CNDLS is offering a Book Club using James Lang's book Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons From the Science of Learning. Registration will open soon—stay tuned!

Faculty Cohorts and Communities of Practice

A Faculty Cohort is a semester or year-long opportunity for a small group of faculty to engage with colleagues across the university to re-imagine an aspect of their teaching or their students’ learning.

Community and interdisciplinary are two strengths of the cohort model. Together, participants explore a teaching theme while redesigning and implementing a course or activity. Themes might include well-being, blended learning, or inclusive pedagogy, to name a few. Depending on the structure and goals of the cohort, it might take place in-person or in a hybrid structure.

Although cohorts typically last one year, some provide the opportunity to continue as part of a Community of Practice. Communities of Practice gather to stay in touch with the larger group and extend their conversations around the teaching theme.

The following are our longstanding opportunities to join a faculty cohort. Applications are open on an annual basis.

Doyle Faculty Fellows Cohort

Doyle Faculty Fellowships are designed to support full-time faculty in choosing one of their undergraduate courses to redesign, with a goal of enhancing or incorporating themes of difference and diversity.

More about the Doyle cohort

Engelhard Faculty Fellows Cohort

The Engelhard Project for Connecting Life and Learning focuses on teaching to the whole student. The Fellows program helps faculty incorporate health and well-being issues into the classroom.

More about the Engelhard cohort

Looking for something else?

Bringing faculty from different disciplines together is important to us. We’d love to know what kind of teaching community opportunity you’re looking for.

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