Teaching While Learning Guide

Georgetown is a vibrant academic community of teachers, learners and researchers from around the world. Members of this community span the range from faculty who are recognized experts in their field, to first-year undergraduates new to academia. At some point in your career as a graduate student, you are likely to work with undergraduate students as a teacher. Whether you lead weekly discussion sections for an upper-level English seminar, grade papers for a large, introductory lecture in government, run laboratories for a biochemistry course, or mentor undergraduates as part of your own research, you face the dual challenge of teaching while learning how to teach. While nobody is born knowing how to teach, teaching is a learnable skill. This guide is offered as a starting point for you to think about your goals as a teacher and to develop strategies that will allow you to continually improve your teaching, even after you leave Georgetown to pursue your own career.

This Teaching While Learning guide was developed in the summer of 2002 by CNDLS staff and Georgetown University graduate students as a response to the need for a source of information on graduate teaching that would be both general enough to be useful and specific enough to be used. This website version of the guide was developed in the fall of 2002. Our hope is that the CNDLS Guide will continue to grow and develop with feedback from you. Let us know what resources and strategies have been helpful to you so we can include this information as we continue to revise and improve.