Video and Audio Services


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Weekends: Closed
The Language Lab is closed on University holidays and breaks. It is open irregularly during the first week of classes and during finals week.
Phone: 202-687-5766

Recording of GU cable broadcasts

FLL faculty may call a Lab Assistant at 687-5788 or come by ICC 224 to request that a certain program be recorded from Georgetown University cable television. Please note that some programs cannot be recorded due to copyright laws. When making a request, please be prepared to provide all necessary information:

  •  the name of the program
  •  the channel on GU cable from which we should record
  •  the start and stop times in Eastern Standard Time

Audio and video duplication

Warning: Federal copyright law prohibits the duplication of some materials.

To request audiocassette, CD, or videotape duplication, come to the Language Lab (ICC 224) to fill out the LLT Request Form and drop off the original tape. Please allow two weekdays for your request to be processed. If there are any special instructions, for example, if you are providing us with a tape that is purposely cued to a certain position, be sure to write this information on the Work Request Form. Very often, the person taking your request will not be the same person who completes the request.

Videotape conversion

If you buy a videotape overseas and bring it back to the United States, you may find that it is barely viewable when played in your VCR. This is because different countries use different video formats. While "VHS" refers to the physical size of a tape (as opposed to "Beta" or "U-matic"), "PAL" or "SECAM" refer to the video format. Here in the U.S. we use a format called NTSC.

At the LLT Center, we can convert international videos to the NTSC format as long as doing so does not violate copyright laws. FLL faculty may come to ICC 224 and fill out the request form and drop off the original tape.

The LLT Center also has a multi-standard VCR and a region-free DVD player for video tapes and DVDs from other regions. This equipment, attached to a monitor, is on a cart that can be rolled into a classroom.

Digitization of audio and video materials

The LLT Center digitizes audio and video materials for foreign language programs and faculty. Tape-based materials can be edited and converted to be written to CD-R or uploaded to the web or to Blackboard. Alternatively, audio and video can be hosted on a QuickTime streaming server.

The LLT Center can also record streaming audio broadcasts for archiving in a digital format. Copyright regulations apply.

Contact Peter Janssens for more information.

Flatbed and slide scanning

The LLT Center has a flatbed scanner and a slide scanner available for faculty use. Scanned files can be edited and converted using Adobe Photoshop or Acrobat.

The Center also has optical character recognition (OCR) software that reads a large number of languages. Using OCR, print documents can be read and converted to digital text files.

Stop by ICC 226 or contact Peter or Nelia to reserve the scanner.


The LLT Center has teamed up with the Gelardin New Media Center to make course media available online through Georgetown's Media Service (aka Sharestream). This service features Blackboard integration. Therefore, faculty, staff, and students can easily access audio and/or video material through their Blackboard course site.

FLL instructors who wish to have media from the LLT Media Catalog, department-owned content, or personal content available online, must stop by ICC 226 to fill out the Sharestream Request Form.

Instructors who wish to add content owned by the Gelardin New Media Center should contact the New Media Center (7-7410) directly.