Classroom and Equipment Services


Monday - Thursday: 8AM - 10PM
Friday: 8AM - 5PM
Saturday: 11AM - 5PM
Sunday: Noon - 10PM
Monday - Friday: 11:30AM - 5:30PM
Weekends: Closed
The Language Lab is closed on University holidays and breaks. It is open irregularly during the first week of classes and during finals week.
Phone: 202-687-5788

Classroom and Equipment Services

Lending Policies

Student Lending Policies

Students are not permitted to check out media such as videotapes, DVDs, or original CDs. They may, however, use them in the lab. To do so, students must leave their Student ID (GO Card) at the counter. The Student ID will be returned once the student returns the media.

Students currently taking a foreign language or linguistics class are permitted to check out CD copies from the lab. They may check out up to two CDs at a time. However, they must be returned within two weeks. A reminder notice will automatically be sent to students by email.

Students will be fined $50.00 for each CD not returned. The Office of Student Accounts will charge the student's account automatically.

Faculty Lending Policies

Both faculty and graduate students who are currently teaching a language or linguistics class are allowed to check out up to three videos or CDs at one time. They may borrow each item for up to 14 days. When the due date nears, a reminder notice to return the item(s) will automatically be sent by email.

Equipment Lending Policy

Faculty members are permitted to check out equipment for up to one week, with the exception of the A/V cart. Our TV/VCR/DVD cart can only be loaned out for one day and cannot be used outside of the ICC building.

Students may borrow a tape recorder or use headphones in the lab by leaving their Student ID at the front counter.

Returns and Renewals

Borrowed materials must be returned to the Lab's Circulation Desk or placed in the drop slot by the due date.

Faculty are permitted to renew borrowed materials ONCE if not overdue. Renewals must be made online and not in person. To do so:

  • Log into My Account in GEORGE.
  • Put a checkmark next to each title you would like renewed.
  • Click the Renew Selected Items button at the top.

Overdue, Lost, Damaged, or Unreturned Items

All patrons are responsible for checking their account online via GEORGE for due dates and to view any outstanding fees and/or charges. We send three courtesy notices: one email a day before the item is due, one email the day the item is due, and one email the day after the due date. Failure to receive a notice does not exempt charges made.

In the event that an item is not returned within 72 hours of the due date or is returned damaged, the borrower will be charged a replacement fee. Please see chart for details.

Reserving Audio-Visual Equipment

Both faculty and students who are currently teaching a language or linguistics class may check out equipment. However, we do not provide the service of delivering audio-visual equipment to the classrooms. Instructors must come to the Language Lab in ICC 224 to pick up and return equipment. Our equipment may not be used outside the ICC building.

The following equipment is available from the Language Lab:

Sony TV with DVD/VCR Combo

Sony Cassette Recorders

Sony Handheld Cassette Recorders

Logitech USB Headsets

Sony Stereo Headphones

Bogen Tripod

Proline Tripod


The following items are not kept in the Language Lab. However, they may be checked out from the ICC 226 office:

Flip Video Recorder

Zoom Voice Recorders

Blue Snowflake USB Mic

Samson USB Studio Mic


Voice Recorder for iPod


Canon PowerShot

Canon Elura


Please note that our supply of A/V equipment is very limited, and is meant only as a back-up to the range of services provided by the Classroom Educational Technology Services (CETS). If you need equipment regularly or know your equipment needs two or more days in advance, we ask that you contact CETS (7-7491). You can make a request using their online request form or visit them in ICC 121.

Reserving the Technology Classroom (ICC 227)

To reserve ICC 227 on a day-to-day basis, talk to Nelia Gustafson, the Language Learning Lab Manager. A Lab Assistant (in ICC 224) is also able to assist you in determining when the room is free. If you are a first-time user, you must first make an appointment with Nelia Gustafson for a brief orientation on using the classroom's equipment.

To reserve ICC 227 for an entire semester, email Nelia Gustafson to make your request. Notification to begin reserving the room is sent out to all FLL faculty and staff members halfway through the Spring semester for the Fall, and halfway through the Fall semester for the Spring. (Final exam weeks are treated differently from the regular semester, so a separate request must be made for this time period.) Every instructor is permitted to request one reservation per class per week. However, flexibility is asked from all instructors in order to accommodate as many requests as possible. Since reservations are handled on a first-come, first served basis, instructors are encouraged to reserve early.

Reasonable advance notification of "no-show" by a class must be provided by the instructor or TA. The first "no-show" without notification for a reserved lab will be discussed with the person reserving the room. Any additional "no-shows" without notification may result in cancellation of remaining reservations for that semester.

Reserving Desktop Computers in the Student Lab (ICC 224)

The computers in ICC 224 are normally used on a first-come first-served basis, but may also be reserved. The computers can only be reserved on a daily basis. Stop by the lab to talk to a Lab Assistant, and he or she will help you determine when the computers are available. You may also call the Lab Assistant at 7-5788 and discuss the reservation over the phone.

If you are teaching a language course and have software that you would like your students to use in the lab, please contact Peter Janssens, the Assistant Director for Instructional Resources.