Season 2 Episode 2

From Accommodations to Accessibility

Featuring faculty and staff who build awareness of best practices and advocate for students with disabilities, this episode focuses on accessibility and practices that meet the needs of all learners. While we learn that there are more students with learning disabilities or differences, or other forms of ‘neurodivergence,’ than many faculty assume, these ideas also provide ways to meet the new normal where we all need some flexibility! Tune in for helpful info and strategies on how to design your courses and policies to support all the learners in your course.

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Featured in the episode

  • Joseph Fisher,  Executive Director of the Academic Resource Center at Georgetown
  • Libbie Rifkin,  Founding Director of the Program in Disability Studies at Georgetown and a Teaching Professor in the Department of English
  • Mimi Khúc, Scholar/Artist/Activist in Residence in Disability Studies at Georgetown University


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