In many CNDLS, Doyle, Engelhard, and ITEL projects, faculty develop new strategies and tools for teaching. Such efforts generate two important questions:

  • How does it work, for faculty and for students?
  • What does this project reveal that might be helpful to others?

Within higher education, across disciplines, scholars have developed a range of methods and theories that can help faculty trace, analyze, and share the results of classroom and program experiments. Under the heading of “scholarship of teaching and learning,” you’ll find ideas about the nature and process of learning as well as models for how to study students’ learning and opportunities for sharing the results of your work with colleagues within and beyond the university. On this page, we’ve collected a few suggestions for getting started.

The Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt University has an online tutorial that includes sections on framing questions, conducting a literature review, and identifying evidence of student learning and analyzing evidence of student learning.

Elon University’s Center for Engaged Learning has created a set of short videos in which faculty talk about their approaches to scholarship of teaching and learning.

The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning at Central Florida University provides a brief overview of Creating SoTL Projects, including sections on designing, conducting, and publishing research on your students’ learning.

The International Society for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning website includes a variety of resources, including information on relevant conferences and journals.

Illinois State University maintains a list of SoTL conferences.

Several SoTL journals are available online, including the International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, the Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and ISSOTL's flagship journal, Teaching and Learning Inquiry.

For examples of SoTL research connected to CNDLS at Georgetown, explore our Inquiry and Scholarship page.

To find more research on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, or to explore places for publishing your own research, consult our list of peer-reviewed SoTL journals.