In Spring 2024, CNDLS will host a series of virtual workshops on AI, covering a range of approaches and uses. All workshops will take place from 12 p.m. (noon) - 1 p.m.

Introduction to AI | Thursday, February 1

This session will guide those new to AI through the basics of how it works and how it might interact with assignment and course design. Participants will engage in a guided, hands-on exploration of generative AI tools. The session will touch on academic integrity and ethical use of AI. See event details or join the session.

AI Prompt Design: Brainstorming and Creativity | Friday, February 9

This interactive session will provide the opportunity for faculty to experiment with various techniques to elicit complex, precise, and/or creative responses from generative AI tools. We will begin with text-based tools, demonstrate image generation tools including Adobe, and invite participants to share their insights from their results during the workshop. See event details or join the session.

Simulations & Case Studies: Using AI as a Thought Partner | Friday, February 16

This interactive session will focus on ways to develop prompts and write “scripts” to set students up for simulated experiences. Learn how to develop an assignment in which students use AI to develop, hone, and broaden their thinking through real world scenarios. See event details or join the session.

Teaching with AI: Tools and Techniques | Thursday, February 29

This interactive session will cover a range of uses of AI for the various tasks associated with teaching. Need to spice up your course description? Develop a first draft of an idea for class? How about sorting your students into groups based on their project proposals? Participants will engage in a guided hands-on session by which they can experiment with how GAI can save them time and jumpstart their daily work processes. See event details or join the session.

How to Use AI for Research and Data Analysis | Thursday, March 14

This interactive session will focus on ways faculty can use AI tools to assist in their research processes, from organizing large data sets to asking and answering questions of those data sets. The session will include organization and sorting tools like making tables, reading spreadsheets, etc as well as some light coding assistance. See event details or join the session.

AI and Online Instruction | Friday, April 5

What is the role of AI in online teaching and learning? Participants in this session will explore how AI is being used by faculty and students in online learning spaces. Learning designers and faculty will share techniques and tools that they are integrating into online courses and participants will engage in discussion about challenges and opportunities that AI brings to online environments. See event details or join the session.

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