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Why Use Video Tools?

In our constantly evolving technological landscape, it is important to deliver learning experiences that are relevant and meaningful to digitally-savvy students. Forgoing pen-and-paper assignments in favor of digital projects provides students with the opportunity to individualize their learning, work in non-traditional formats, become responsible digital citizens, and develop digital literacies. Assigning video projects is one modality that serves these goals.

What Can I Do With Them?

Students can create documentaries, video tutorials, video essays, and animation using various video production tools available from and supported by the Georgetown University Library which include FinalCut Pro, iMovie, and Adobe Animate.

How Faculty Use Video Tools

Get Started

Digital Scholarship Services at the Library can help you get started with video production, from design to equipment to assistant using various video production software. Contact for questions regarding assignment design and ensuring your project facilitates your desired learning goals.

Get Help

Read the Library's Documentary Video Production Guide

Read the Library's Digital Stories Production Guide

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