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Why Use the Maker Hub?

The Maker Hub, located on the first floor in Lauinger Library, provides a collaborative space for innovation, design, prototyping, and fabrication. It’s a space where faculty can enhance their curriculum and students can learn by doing. The Maker Hub provides opportunities for students to explore ideas, learn how things work, and create physical items using a wide range of technologies and equipment such as 3-D printers, laser cutters, woodworking tools, electronics equipment, LEGOs, sewing machines, printing presses, and more.

What Can I Do There?

The Maker Hub provides space for students to learn, explore, experiment, problem solve, design, and build. The Hub staff routinely works with Georgetown faculty, helping them enhance their curriculum through Maker activities, tours, lectures, and guided conversations on the impact of Makers and Maker Culture on their field of study. Faculty can design hands-on and experiential learning opportunities in their courses and work with the Maker Hub to integrate academic studies with hands-on, project based learning. Students can develop a physical product, prototype, or creative work with the fabrication equipment in response to an assignment.

The Maker Hub also provides space and materials for students to use fabrication tools to make creative products, such as handcrafted journals and laser-cut Georgetown maps. The Hub is also widely used outside of the classroom as a creative outlet for students, faculty, and staff to relieve stress and build community.

Video overview and tour of the Maker Hub.

How Faculty Use the Maker Hub

Several examples of faculty incorporating the Maker Hub’s resources are highlighted on this curriculum integration page. We’ve highlighted three examples below.

Get Started

You can learn more about the resources and opportunities in the Maker Hub by visiting their website at, stopping by the Maker Hub on the first floor of Lauinger Library during their Open Hours, or emailing

For a consultation on how to use the Maker Hub in your course design, please contact CNDLS.

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