Sustainability Education


What is Sustainability Education?

Our approach to sustainability education is expansive and far-reaching, inclusive of a range of topics and approaches, and drawing upon multiple pedagogies and theories of learning. At its core, sustainability education involves engaging students on the wicked, complex, and pervasive problems of environmental degradation in order to protect ecosystems and meet the needs of human and non-human nature both today and in the future.

“Integrating sustainability into the curriculum is becoming THE challenge for sustainability influencers at colleges and universities as green buildings and recycling programs become matter of course and the classroom becomes the true battleground for change.” From the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).

How does CNDLS support Sustainability Education?

Educating for a sustainable society and future is the responsibility of the entire Georgetown community. At CNDLS, we specifically focus on preparing faculty to better understand the pedagogies and practices that support sustainability education, and in the creation and implementation of sustainability-oriented activities in courses.

Specifically, CNDLS is pleased to introduce new programming for Fall 2019 to support faculty with little-to-no background in sustainability in taking a meaningful step toward educating for a sustainable future. With generous support from Georgetown’s Laudato Si’ Fund, this new programming works at the level of the classroom and strengthens community among sustainability educators at Georgetown.

Designing Sustainability-focused Course Assignments

This opportunity is for faculty who are new to sustainability education and will support the creation of course assignments that integrate sustainability concepts with course subject matter. Sustainability expertise and assignment design support will be provided through a series of consultations, as well as the potential for funding to support expenses related to the sustainability assignment. Learn more.

Faculty Learning Community on Educating for Sustainability

This Faculty Learning Community will gather faculty to explore sustainability education. This faculty-led space will deepen understanding of how to employ and promote sustainability-related values, practices, and assignments in individual courses and throughout the curriculum. Meeting monthly, this group of educators will explore common problems, share ideas, and develop a final common deliverable to share with the broader Georgetown teaching and learning community. Learn more.

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For inquiries regarding the sustainability-focused course assignments:

  • Mindy McWilliams
  • Dr. Evan Barba
    • Sustainability Curricular Design CNDLS Fellow & Associate Professor, Communications, Culture & Technology Master’s Program (CCT)
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    For questions about the Faculty Learning Community on Educating for Sustainability:

  • Dr. James Olsen