Mid-Semester Teaching Feedback Sessions


A Mid-Semester Teaching Feedback session is an assessment technique conducted at the midpoint of the semester. This technique allows faculty to gather feedback from students on:

  • Aspects of a course that are new or changed from the previous semester
  • Course activities such as class time, homework, projects, lab work, use of technology

The resulting feedback then allows faculty to implement changes in the remainder of the semester based on student comments. When faculty members implement small course changes, this also communicates to students that their feedback is valued and relevant.

How does it work?

  • The faculty member works with CNDLS staff to develop questions asking about student perceptions of their learning in the course.
  • CNDLS staff members administer the 45-minute feedback session during class time.
  • Students are asked to respond in writing to the questions in small groups. Each group must then choose one response per question that they most want to communicate to the professor.
  • CNDLS staff assembles the written, anonymous responses. CNDLS and the faculty member meet briefly to discuss results and plan to implement a few changes in the remainder of the semester.

How much time does it take?

  • Pre-Consultation: Work with CNDLS staff to prepare questions: 30-60 minutes.
  • Class time: 45 minutes (5 minutes to introduce, 20 minutes for students to discuss & write responses, 20 minutes to debrief & wrap up).
  • Post-Consultation: Review responses and plan changes: 30-60 minutes.

What questions do you ask?

The Mid-Semester Teaching Feedback session consists of four questions, two of which are standard and two of which are tailored to the specific course issues the faculty member wishes to address.

Standard Questions:

  • What is going well for you in the course?
  • What could be improved to help your learning?

Example Tailored Questions (from a psychology course):

  • An important part of this course is the final project. Think about your project in the context of the material we cover during class time. How well does the final project allow you to integrate concepts and ideas of the course?
  • Think in particular about how the course material integrates statistics. Where would it be most helpful for you to discuss the statistical parts of this course? In class? Homework? Projects?

For more information, please contact David Ebenbach.

If you're ready to schedule a Mid-Semester Teaching Feedback session for your course, please complete this form. Note that we will typically need at least two weeks advance notice before the planned date of your Mid-Semester Teaching Feedback session.