Support Around Racial Injustice and the Chauvin Trial


The trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd and other recent incidents of racial injustice continue to receive enormous news attention and weigh heavily on many of us. The rendering of the verdict may bring this experience to a head as well as raise new issues. With that in mind, we’ve gathered resources to help you support students and colleagues and create spaces for conversation. We’ve included materials intended to help those who would like to bring these events productively into the classroom.

Focus on Well-Being

The most immediate priority may be well-being. Because the Chauvin trial has raised issues of systemic injustice and has focused on the pain of racist violence, members of our community are likely to be suffering.

Bringing the Conversation into Class

Some faculty may also want to find productive ways to use class time to address the trial as well as its potential impacts and its underlying issues. Because so many of our students will be affected by this trial, it’s important to acknowledge the situation in class; it could also be necessary to give students extra flexibility as they try to do work while preoccupied or while engaged in anti-racist activism. And in some courses it may be appropriate to study the trial as course-relevant content. These resources should help:

We hope these resources will support you, your colleagues, and your students as they navigate this time. Please do not hesitate to reach out at if you have more questions or would like to have a conversation.