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We work directly with programs, departments, and schools to create online programs and courses. Our flexible services cater to diverse needs, including program development, curricular design, and the comprehensive creation of courses. Our staff stays up to date in innovations in online learning to help us discover new ways of learning in all spheres. At the same time, we build courses on a rich foundation of tried and true teaching and learning strategies.

Online programs at Georgetown reflect the core educational mission of the University by supporting the development of reflective lifelong learners and building upon our tradition of excellence and innovation in teaching and learning. We offer the same academic rigor as our on-campus programs and provide our online students with academic services to support their learning. We invite you to work with us to design the future of our students’ online learning experience.

Explore examples of our work below.

Master of Professional Studies in Integrated Marketing Communications

Georgetown’s Master of Professional Studies in Integrated Marketing Communications develops students’ strategic and creative thinking skills, preparing them to design cohesive brand experiences. It draws upon communications disciplines such as advertising, direct marketing, social media, and word-of-mouth marketing.

Master’s in Public Relations & Corporate Communications

The Master’s in Public Relations & Corporate Communications supports students in learning the essential planning, critical thinking, and creative skills that place them in high demand with today’s employers public relations and corporate communications employers. They develop a 360-degree perspective of the modern communications landscape while learning how to think strategically, digitally, and globally. strategic planning, research, writing, and ethics.

National Urban Fellow Program

Georgetown’s Master’s of Policy Management at the McCourt School of Public Policy is the home of the National Urban Fellow program, which strives to develop mid-career professionals, particularly men and women of color, to be leaders and change agents in the public and nonprofit sectors.


Georgetown has produced dozens of Massive Online Open Courses across a wide range of disciplines such as theology, public health, and computational methods. Explore the entire catalogue of currently available MOOCs or read about a sampling below.

Ethical Decision-Making for Global Managers

Students explore and apply ethical decision-making frameworks to real-world ethical dilemmas. This 3-course professional certificate program covers ethical issues across political, environmental, and cultural areas, walks students through the perspectives of multiple stakeholders in complex decision-making using real world cases, and inspires students to build their own ethical decision-making processes to solve complex issues in a globalized world.

View Ethical Decision-Making for Global Managers on edX

American Sign Language

In this 4-course professional certificate program, students learn about the history and evolution of American Sign Language. Grounded in rich linguistic study, this program provides a powerful perspective to professionals in a range of fields including speech pathologists, biomedical engineers, and software developers as well as linguistic students and those who work directly with speakers of ASL.

View American Sign Language on edX

Impact Evaluation Methods with Applications in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Economic development is about making a difference in the lives of the poor, through interventions in the health, education, microfinance, transport, agriculture, and other sectors. In this course students learn how to design and conduct a randomized control trial, and how to evaluate the data using regression techniques. They will also explore what other quasi-experimental methods can be used to measure the impacts of programs related to economic development.

View Impact Evaluation Methods with Applications in Low- and Middle-Income Countries on edX

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