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Quick help

We’re here to help. At the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS), we provide faculty with space and opportunity to focus on teaching practice, both individually and in community. We want to assist however we can, whether you are unsure how to articulate your teaching challenge or you already know what you need.

Get in touch with us quickly using the information below:

Teaching consultations

The CNDLS team is composed of learning designers, media producers, faculty developers, technologists, visual designers, application developers, and many other roles. Many of us teach courses ourselves, while others have extensive disciplinary knowledge and professional expertise. When you get in touch with us, we’ll take a look at your question or interest, and connect you to a colleague (or group of colleagues) who can help.

If you want us to connect you to someone who can help, email us or ring our doorbell. If you’re looking to put a face together with a name, browse our staff listings.

Group consultations

We are available to meet with larger groups, including joining departmental meetings (at Chair’s request) to share about a teaching topic. Please be in touch to let us know about your group’s particular needs.

We’re ready to talk about anything that will help you as you teach, or as you look to better understand how students learn. We’ve held consultations that sometimes even lead to long-lasting collaborations, on many topics.

Course and curriculum design consultations

Design encompasses the act of making intentional, reflective choices about how an activity, course, or curriculum will lead to desired student learning outcomes. CNDLS’ focus on course design provides structure to consultations, shaping our conversations with faculty to better understand current teaching goals and practices in a particular course. We then work with faculty members to identify teaching methods and strategies that align with those learning goals.

Course design

Here are some sample topics of course design consultations:

Course design consultations might also include discussing syllabi, teaching large classes, incorporation of technology to support goals and assignments, organizing group work, large-scale student-driven projects, or belonging and inclusion. Let us know what you’d like to discuss.

Curriculum Design

Using questions similar to those used in course design, the curriculum design process broadens to include teams of faculty working on a particular aspect of a major curriculum. Discussions about the skills, experiences, and knowledge you expect of your graduates contribute to the redesign of gateway and capstone courses, new tracks within the curriculum or common assessments that gauge disciplinary development. See our Creating Courses and Curricula teaching guide to explore these approaches on your own, or reach out to us to discuss.