Workshops, Programs, and Support


Workshops, Programs, and Support

Visit CNDLS’ Inclusive Pedagogy Workshop Series page for upcoming workshops. CNDLS also offers tailored workshops and facilitated discussions to departments, programs and faculty groups on a variety of teaching topics, including:

  • Teaching in Difficult Times
  • Facilitating Difficult Discussions
  • Implicit Bias and Self-Awareness
  • Meeting the Goals of the Diversity Requirement
  • Syllabus Design for Inclusivity
  • Content Warnings and Student Needs

The Doyle Engaging Difference Program and the Engelhard Project on Teaching to the Whole Person also offer resources to support diversity and well-being through our classrooms.

Doyle Diversity Grants of up to $500 are available to faculty on a first come first serve basis to assist faculty in helping students engage with diversity or gain a greater recognition of their own positionality vis-a-vis issues of plurality and social justice. Further details and how to apply can be found at:

We would be happy to talk with you about further strategies within the context of your particular teaching setting. Call us at 202-687-0625 or request a confidential consultation by emailing

CNDLS is committed to the values of diversity, inclusion, well-being, and social justice throughout our community, inside the classroom and out.