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What ideas, techniques, and values guide your teaching? The resources below will help you think through a range of approaches to teaching that can transform student learning and encourage students to apply what they've learned in the classroom to their lives.



The Engelhard Project

The Engelhard Project for Connecting Life and Learning focuses on teaching to the whole student. By helping faculty incorporate health and well-being issues into the classroom, the Project enhances academic learning, encourages students to reflect on their own attitudes and behaviors, and fosters connections both in and out of the classroom.

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Mid-Semester Teaching Feedback

A Mid-Semester Teaching Feedback session is an assessment technique conducted at the midpoint of the semester. This technique allows faculty to gather feedback from students on aspects of a course that are new or changed from the previous semester, course activities such as class time, homework, projects, lab work, use of technology, and a lot more. The resulting feedback then allows faculty to implement changes in the remainder of the semester based on student comments.

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CNDLS’ Teaching, Learning, and Innovation Summer Institute (TLISI)

The Teaching, Learning & Innovation Summer Institute (TLISI) offers Georgetown University faculty and staff from all campuses the opportunity to explore strategies for excellence in teaching and learning.

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Faculty Stories