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As you design and teach your class at Georgetown University, you’ll want to keep in mind a few campus policies to include in your syllabus. Some policies are fixed, as determined by the University. Others, however, can be customized to best fit your course and your students. Use this site to keep your University policies up to date and explore the range of approaches faculty have used in writing their classroom and course-level expectations.

University Policies

Below are a series of Georgetown University policies with up-to-date language. See the Georgetown University Policies website for more comprehensive exploration of Georgetown University policies for faculty, students, and staff.

Course Policies

Faculty can take a range of approaches to some course policies, like attendance, grading, technology-use, and more—see the list below. It’s important to remember that included on each of these pages are just examples and that each faculty member should write policies that work for their students and courses. In all cases, having a specific policy is better than none. Clear guidelines facilitate student success.


Explore more resources related to creating your syllabus, and get connected with helpful campus offices and centers.

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