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Teaching for inclusion and well-being is a cornerstone of a truly successful class. These resources give faculty strategies for reaching all students and for teaching to the whole student.



Learning, Equity, Access, and Pedagogy Initiative

The Learning, Equity, Access, and Pedagogy (LEAP) initiative invites academic units across Georgetown University to examine and strengthen the climate, content, and pedagogy of their teaching and learning environments. Each unit works toward the goal of building and sustaining inclusive learning experiences for their students with support from CNDLS.

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The Engelhard Project

The Engelhard Project for Connecting Life and Learning focuses on teaching to the whole student. By helping faculty incorporate health and well-being issues into the classroom, the Project enhances academic learning, encourages students to reflect on their own attitudes and behaviors, and fosters connections both in and out of the classroom.

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Engelhard Conversations on Teaching

Engelhard Faculty Conversations on Teaching aim to create a small community of colleagues for deep exploration of various topics that relate to teaching and well-being, and foster connections with each other around the work we do here at Georgetown.

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Mid-Semester Teaching Feedback

A Mid-Semester Teaching Feedback session is an assessment technique conducted at the midpoint of the semester. This technique allows faculty to gather feedback from students on aspects of a course that are new or changed from the previous semester, course activities such as class time, homework, projects, lab work, use of technology, and a lot more. The resulting feedback then allows faculty to implement changes in the remainder of the semester based on student comments.

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