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Assessment is about goal-setting, inquiry, and data gathering in order to answer the fundamental question: How, and how well, are my students learning? In this hub you'll find resources to help you plan and design student assessments, utilize technology and strategies for exams, grading and inclusive assessment, and mechanisms for giving student feedback as well as for gathering feedback on your own teaching.



Mid-Semester Teaching Feedback

A Mid-Semester Teaching Feedback session is an assessment technique conducted at the midpoint of the semester. This technique allows faculty to gather feedback from students on aspects of a course that are new or changed from the previous semester, course activities such as class time, homework, projects, lab work, use of technology, and a lot more. The resulting feedback then allows faculty to implement changes in the remainder of the semester based on student comments.

Assessment and Analytics Support

CNDLS offers a range of assessment and analytics services in support of learning at Georgetown. These include designing and gathering customized mid- or end-of-semester student feedback, designing and implementing student focus groups, providing learning analytics support and analysis, and advising on assessment portions of postsecondary educational grants.

Productive Open Design Spaces

A multi-day curricular innovation and design experienceopen_in_new, typically offered in conjunction with TLISI in May. CNDLS coaches provide design thinking exercises and approaches, brainstorming opportunities, and creative ways of advancing curricular projects.

Faculty Stories