Online Learning at Georgetown University

GeorgetownX represents the growing body of online courses that CNDLS facilitates, including our University partnership with edX and our collaborative work with departments and schools at Georgetown. We are committed to building unique, interactive courses that prioritize the student experience, taking advantage of emerging technologies to promote optimal learning in the online space.

Since 2013, GeorgetownX has supported a widely-diverse range of courses through all stages, from conception to launch, to evaluation and iteration. We utilize a number of different platforms, including Canvas, edX, and Blackboard, to develop the best possible learning experience based on the needs and audience of each course.The design approach we employ aims to align and integrate the course structure, materials, activities, and assessments in order to maximize learning. Our work incorporates the values of Georgetown University, particularly personal reflection, intellectual rigor, and ethical grounding, into every online course.

How can CNDLS help?

GeorgetownX supports a number of online programs and courses, with services customized to meet you and your students’ needs.

Online Course Design

For individual faculty members, CNDLS provides consultations and resources to support their efforts in designing courses that are fully or partly online. If you are interested in moving a class online, we recommend that you begin by contacting your department chair to discuss opportunities for online teaching and learning within your program. As a next step, we invite you to visit our page on Online Course Design for much more information on how CNDLS can support this endeavor.

Massive Open Online Courses

CNDLS also works with individual faculty members or faculty teams in the development of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). These courses are generally not targeted for Georgetown students, but instead appeal to a growing network of learners across the United States and around the world. MOOCs are an open platform for Georgetown faculty to share their expertise with a global audience and to innovate their teaching practices through creative applications of technology and media. We invite you to learn more about CNDLS’ process for developing MOOCs and to learn how you might get involved.

Online Program Development

Finally, CNDLS works directly with program directors and administrators to design, develop, and implement online programs, some of which are for Georgetown students and others for an open, global network of participants. Georgetown’s online programs offer the same academic rigor as on-campus programs and provide online students with both student and academic services to support their learning. If you are considering launching a new or existing program online, we recommend that you begin by visiting Online@GU, where you will find step-by-step guidelines to help you through this process, with information on everything from strategic planning, compliance and GU governance, branding and marketing, enrollment management, student support, course development and implementation, technology integration, and data and analytics. Next, we invite you to visit our pages on Online Program Development to learn more about how CNDLS can support this process, as well as our approach to instructional design in the online space.

Schedule a consultation

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