Georgetown Slavery Archives Tutorial

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Georgetown Slavery Archives Tutorial

Georgetown is engaged in an ongoing process to more deeply understand and respond to the university’s role in the injustice of slavery. Increasing access to relevant archives is a piece of that puzzle.

Learning from Primary Sources

There are a number of archives full of rich materials for learning about the history of the Maryland Jesuits, Georgetown University, and slavery. However, the university community has not yet been fully equipped to locate and utilize these resources to their fullest extent for research and teaching.

Increasing access to and literacy of these resources would enrich our understanding of the legacy of slavery at Georgetown and in the country more broadly. In the words of History Professor Adam Rothman, “Georgetown's history is a microcosm of the whole history of American slavery.”

How is CNDLS supporting access to and understanding of archival materials?

CNDLS is collaborating with a group of faculty from the library and the Georgetown University Working Group on Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation to develop an online tutorial. This resource will provide faculty with foundational knowledge about Georgetown’s historic involvement with slavery. Additionally, it will orient them to available archives and support them in primary source analysis.

Slavery Archive Tutorial

Across the Curriculum

The resources in the archives resonate across a wide range of academic disciplines. More importantly, the study of these resources can personalize our understanding of slavery — an institution dependent on depersonalization. The tutorial will support interested faculty in incorporating archival research into their courses in generative and impactful ways.