“What We're Learning About Learning” is a podcast about teaching and learning in higher education. Through this resource, we hope to expand and share more broadly the conversations we’re having with students, faculty, and staff, and throw light on some of the most important issues and developments in higher education today. 

S2 Episode 7: Religious and Spiritual Diversity in the Classroom

Call to mind an occasion when you felt out of your depth or unsure what to do in an encounter or engagement with religious or spiritual diversity inside or outside the classroom. What did you do in that situation? What do you wish you had done in that situation? We asked these same questions of three clergy from Georgetown University’s Campus Ministry. In this episode of What We're Learning About Learning, Rabbi Rachel Gartner, Imam Yahya Hendi, and Brahmachari Sharan talk about the good and bad experiences students regularly share with them, and how faculty can listen, reflect, and grow to better serve students.

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