“What We Are Learning About Learning” is a podcast about teaching and learning in higher education. Through this resource, we hope to expand and share more broadly the conversations we’re having with students, faculty, and staff, and throw light on some of the most important issues and developments in higher education today. 

Season 1 Episode 5

Teaching and Learning as a Graduate Student

The focus of this episode is on what we are learning about teaching and mentoring from graduate students, who are in a unique position in higher education, both teachers and students, mentors and mentees. Their dual roles of being student and teacher simultaneously come with challenges, tensions, and competing demands. The proximity of these differing roles in the lives of graduate students, however, likewise leads to important revelations, insights, and personal growth. Listening to their experiences and lessons learned highlights what students want and need from their professors, as well as how professors can approach their teaching in order to promote greater learning. They also offer a compelling reminder about why teaching is so important.

Show Notes

Episode transcript

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  • Jaime Brown, McDonough School of Business, Flex M.B.A. student and Associate Director of the Center for Student Engagement
  • Kirsty Jones, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Ph.D. candidate in Theological and Religious Studies
  • Rabea Kirmani, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Ph.D. student in Comparative Government
  • Cameron McKay, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Ph.D. student in Neuroscience
  • Sam Weiss, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Class of 2021, M.A. in English 


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