Tianyu Gong

Graduate Associate

B.A., English and Business Journalism, University of International Business and Economics

Tianyu is a second year M.A. candidate in Communication, Culture and Technology program at Georgetown University, and a video production Graduate Associate at CNDLS.

Prior to Georgetown, Tianyu graduated from the University of International Business and Economics with a B.A. in English and Business Journalism, where she developed a strong interest in storytelling, conveying messages and ideas, and communicating with people from different backgrounds. Before coming to the US, she interned in media fields including newspaper, new media marketing, and intercultural education. Here at Georgetown, her studies have centered around the new technologies applied in intercultural cooperation and coproduction, and the cultural evolution/adaptation when a media form transforming into another culture context.

Besides study and work, Tianyu enjoys evolving in fandom forums of Japanese anime, playing video games and exploring the cinema world.