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Marie Selvanadin

Associate Director for Application Development and Systems Integration

M.S., Computer Science, Catholic University

Marie contributes to CNDLS' technology initiatives as a web application developer. Holding a Master's degree in computer science from the Catholic University of America, Marie brings years of experience in web development to our tech team.

Prior to joining CNDLS, she served the MISTA Corporation as a web developer, honed her professional technical support skills at The George Washington University, and engaged students as a teaching assistant for MATLAB, where she wrote code to simulate and test algorithms.

While working for MISTA at GW, Marie managed and oversaw server maintenance, approaches to troubleshooting, and system training. Her thesis was on digital watermarking—a technique used to embed owner information in multimedia files. Marie's interests include open source projects and computer security, while playing the classical guitar provides a favorite avocational pursuit.