Jennifer Lubkin Chávez

Program Manager, Technology Enhanced Learning

M.A., TESOL, American University

Jennifer Lubkin Chávez is Program Manager for Technology-Enhanced Learning and helps facilitate and support faculty efforts to use technology to meet the needs of learners.

Prior to joining CNDLS, she taught English as a second language in the US and Azerbaijan, including six years teaching at GU’s Center for Language Education and Development, where she focused primarily in scaffolding student learning in writing, critical thinking, and culture.

Jennifer has presented at conferences numerous times, particularly in the areas of technology (e.g. VoiceThread, Google Apps, clickers,, TurnItIn) and teacher collaboration, and she has conducted teacher research in flipping language classrooms, social text annotation, and student identity. She has also trained teachers and graduate students from Japan, Spain, and the US in constructivist approaches to teaching, integrating language and content instruction, and giving academic presentations. Jennifer is excited to work with educators seeking practical, principled ways to foster learning, and she is particularly interested in how findings from neuroscience as well as action, mixed-method, and ethnographic research can deepen our understanding of learning.