Erika Bullock

Project Coordinator

B.A. English, Georgetown University

Erika is a Program Coordinator working with CNDLS’ Faculty Initiatives, Technology-Enhanced Learning projects (TEL), and the Designing the Future(s) Initiative out of the Office of the Provost. In this integrated role, she supports projects throughout their implementation while acting as a liaison between CNDLS and the Designing the Future(s) Initiative. She is also part of a CNDLS R&D project, HowToCollege, which explores how to support non-traditional college students through a social messaging app.

Erika graduated from Georgetown University in 2017, where she worked for CNDLS and the Designing the Future(s) Initiative as a student. She looks forward to further exploring the intersections of holistic education design, liberal arts education, and faculty/student empowerment in her role with CNDLS. In her free time, Erika enjoys cooking with friends, running, playing soccer, and reading all sorts of fiction and literary theory.