Bingran Wang

Online Course Coordinator

M.A., Communications, Culture and Technology (CCT), Georgetown University

Bingran (Ann) Wang’s focus in CCT included technology-enhanced education, data analytics, and product development. She obtained her B.A. in English Studies in Hong Kong when she concentrated on applied and socio-linguistics, strategic communications, and intercultural studies. She also worked in Australia and studied at the University of Waterloo in Canada. Ann’s past work experience focused on technology and education. As an instructional designer at Hobsons, she designed and developed experiential training solutions for employees and clients. In a policy research project funded by the Hong Kong Education Bureau she identified valuable evidence for understanding the socio-historical influence of language policies on education. Her work was acknowledged in The English Language in Hong Kong Diachronic and Synchronic Perspectives by Oxford University Alumnus Professor Stephan Evans. As a communication associate at a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting education in rural China, she coordinated volunteer trips involving more than 300 students every year.