Bingran Wang


B.A., English Language, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Bingran Wang is a master student in the Communications, Culture, and Technology program at Georgetown University. Grown up in China, she got her B.A. in English Language from Hong Kong when she concentrated on applied and socio-linguistic studies. She also studied in Canada and worked as a teaching assistant in Australia. Currently, her interest focuses on computational linguistics, semiotics, and technology-enhanced education. Bingran has work experiences in NGO, government- and industry-funded research projects. As a communication associate in a Hong Kong-based NGO dedicated to promoting education in rural China, she launched promotional campaigns and coordinated volunteer trips. In a government-funded project on the language policies in Hong Kong, she worked with Cambridge University alumnus Professor Stephan Evans, examined historical documents over 76 years, and identified valuable evidence for understanding the socio-historical influence on language education. In another project funded by the hotel industry in Hong Kong, she conducted qualitative and quantitative analysis on visual-verbal texts on more than 300 hotels’ websites in Hong Kong, which provided insights to more effective online business communication. Personally, she likes Chinese calligraphy, sketching, and folk music. She is big fan of badminton, and used to play on university basketball team.