Adrianne Griffith

Graduate Associate

Adri is a first year MA student in Georgetown’s Communication, Culture, and Technology program, and a Graduate Associate at CNDLS.

Adri graduated from the University of Washington (Washington state, not the District ;) with a Bachelor’s in English Literature and a minor in Aerospace Studies. She then commissioned into the Air Force as a Logistics Readiness Officer. She spent her first four years at the base in Charleston, South Carolina, then moved to teach ROTC at the University of Hawaii. After her Air Force time was over, she took a logistics operations position with Nike. Realizing that she really wanted to move into the world of communications, Adri jumped at the chance to move to D.C. and attend Georgetown. She is passionate about people, and helping them to craft messaging in the most effective, targeted way. She still loves to teach, and hopes to find a way to combine people and storytelling post graduation. Adri will be working mainly in communications for CNDLS.

In her spare time, Adri spends time with her husband and their two cats in their 148 year old home in Old Town. She enjoys anything athletic, reading, and bringing people together around a shared table to break bread (preferably a loaf she baked herself).