How can CNDLS help?

CNDLS supports a wide range of online programs and courses, offering both comprehensive and à la carte services that are customized to meet each program's unique needs.*

The CNDLS approach to online learning design connects the learning process and outcomes at multiple levels — institutional, curricular, course, and individual. Learn more about our design approach.

* All of these services begin with a consultation and some may involve fees.

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Online or Hybrid Program Development

We work directly with faculty, program directors, and administrators to design, develop, and implement online and hybrid programs. Under this umbrella, we offer:

  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Course Design & Development
  • Course Materials Development
  • MOOC Design & Development

These can be bundled or offered individually to serve the varied needs of programs at all stages of design and development.

Curricular Mapping

For faculty and program leadership, the relationship between courses in a broader programmatic context can be challenging to contextaulize, evaluate, and measure. CNDLS supports programs in mapping their curriculum in relation to the program goals, accreditation standards, and other standards, goals, and values depending on programmatic needs.

Drawing on course syllabi from across the program — and discussions with program leadership and faculty — we use a curriculum-mapping software called Coursetune to generate both a zoomed-in and birds-eye view of courses and programs. This allows us to visualize and improve how the structure, goals, course materials, and assessment activities support one another toward curricular goals and other standards.

CourseTune Visualization

Course Design & Development

Comprehensive Course Design

When collaborating with faculty to develop online or hybrid courses, we begin by creating a design plan that proposes the structure, content, activities, and learning sequence. This process can also include:

  • A custom branding package and style guide
  • Tailor-made course templates consistent with the program’s branding
  • Analysis of course-level alignment using our curriculum-mapping software
  • Faculty training on relevant technologies

Course Materials Development

When collaborating with faculty to develop online or hybrid courses, we also create and execute a multimedia development plan. This involves determining media needs, planning their execution, and ensuring produced materials align with the course goals. It can also include:

  • Coaching on script development and delivery for video lectures
  • Developed animations and graphics to illustrate key concepts
  • Expert interview videos and podcasts
  • Interactive or immersive video production
  • Broad accessibility support through closed captions, transcripts, alternative text for visual materials, etc.
  • Visual design in Canvas
  • Support materials for student and faculty use
  • Technical and content quality assurance

Explore more examples on our Showcase page.

MOOC Design & Development

MOOCS, or Massive Open Online Courses, follow a similar course design process as any online course. The key difference is that MOOCs are open to anyone around the world interested in accessing a high-quality Georgetown learning experience.If you are interested in showcasing your program to a broad network of learners across the globe, CNDLS can support you in developing a MOOC.

Check out the GeorgetownX course catalog

Canvas Sites for Program Communications

For Instructors:

CNDLS staff can help you develop a Canvas site to support your faculty’s needs. For example, a Canvas site may help faculty become oriented to a program, receive program-level announcements, and access important resources.

For Students:

CNDLS staff can help you develop a Canvas site to support your student’s needs as well. For example, a Canvas site may help students become oriented to a program, explore the curriculum, and receive program-level announcements.

Media & Branding

The following offerings may be bundled with comprehensive course/program development or utilized as discrete services.

  • Branding & Style Guide

CNDLS staff design, iterate, and finalize a Branding & Style Guide for the program that supports visual design consistency across Canvas courses and other multimedia assets, such as videos. This includes the main graphics to be used in courses such as a course image, content-related icons, and other action icons.

  • Promotional Trailer

Promotional trailers can take various forms and are customized to elevate the program’s educational philosophy. CNDLS staff can conduct video shoots in the CNDLS studio, on campus, and at external locations. Our Video Director will propose a storyboard and work closely with the program team to ensure that the video effectively communicates core messaging.