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To find a data set of interest to your research or teaching, you may either look into the categories and then the abstract, or search using key words.

  • To look into categories, please click on "Data Archives" at the GUSSDA home page, and then choose ICPSR or MocriCase Archive. At ICPSR page, please click the area to view a brief synopsis of each data set. Refer to the abstract for a more complete information of each data set, such as the summary, who are the investigators, the time range the data were collected, etc.

  • Type a key word into the search

    • View a complete list of data sets within each collection,

    • View the abstracts and codebooks for each data set.

An abstract, codebook, and data file are provided for each data set in ICPSR holding. If the data set is archived in SPSS or SAS format, only an abstract and the data file are provided. The variable labels and the value labels are compiled into the data file.



  • The abstracts are directly downloaded from the ICPSR site or written in the format similar to the abstracts at ICPSR site if the data are from sources other than ICPSR. An abstract contains the Study Number, Investigator, Summary, Time Period, Data Type, Population and Citation.


  • The codebooks in ICPSR are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Accessing the codebooks requires that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your local computer. You may download a free copy of Acrobat Reader from the Adobe web site. After downloading the codebook, you may search it using the full text search tool in Acrobat Reader.

Data Files

  • Most of the Data Set holdings in GUSSDA are in the format of SPSS or SAS. The data sets of your interest may still at ICPSR site in text format.

To Request data sets from GUSSDA

After you find the data files of your interest for research or teaching, you need to fill in the Data Request form at the top frame of the Data Archive Page. Please fill in your name, department, your email address, phone number and the name and the ICPSR number for the data set. Then click the submit button. We will respond to your request in 24 hours. In normal cases, you can pick up the CD with the data sets you requested in three business days.