Doyle Outreach Grants


Doyle Outreach Grants

We see the Doyle Faculty Fellows community as an important resource for the broader Georgetown faculty community. With Doyle Outreach Grants, we hope to encourage and support fellows who would like to further develop their own expertise and share their experiences with faculty colleagues. Ultimately, we aim to create a broader network of faculty connected by interest in tackling the complex challenges we all face with regard to engaging diversity and difference in the classroom.


How do the grants work?

There are two options for Doyle Outreach Grants: the Coffee/Lunch Fund and Outreach Series Grants:

For the Coffee/Lunch Fund, we are interested in supporting faculty fellows who would like to meet with colleagues in an informal setting to discuss opportunities and challenges on engaging with diversity and difference in the classroom.
  • Faculty will be reimbursed for the coffee and/or lunch expenses.
  • For the Outreach Series Grants, faculty fellows should apply with a proposal of convening 2-4 events that gather faculty (intra- or inter-departmental) to think about/discuss their teaching in relationship to issues of diversity and difference.
  • Each event should have a purpose and target audience in mind, and aim to reach out beyond the Doyle community.
  • The Doyle Team will select and support grant proposals through financial and logistical support (e.g. costs for food, rooms, guest speaker stipends, or other logistical needs). Note: in some cases, additional funding sources may be required.
  • Upon completion of the activities and a written summary of the events, the faculty awardees will be granted a $250 stipend for their efforts.
  • Who is eligible?

    All faculty who have previously participated in the Doyle Faculty Fellows Program are eligible to apply for these grants. Fellows are welcome to collaborate with other grant recipients to co-host events within or across departments.

    What kinds of gatherings can I propose for the Outreach Series events?

    Proposals can include a wide range of events, and we welcome creative ideas. The gatherings can range in “formality” but should aim to include 3 or more non-Doyle faculty. You might consider such things as:

  • Convening a small group conversation on a relevant topic over coffee/tea
  • Attending a lecture or other campus event together, followed by discussion
  • Hosting a book or article discussion
  • Facilitating a portion of a department meeting to focus on a particular relevant topic
  • Attending or hosting an Inclusive Pedagogy workshop as a department
  • Inviting CNDLS Doyle team members to co-facilitate a department session
  • Organizing colleagues for syllabi review to provide feedback on inclusivity
  • Creating a teaching circle or a peer teaching observation group

    I’m interested, what do I do?

    Those interested in pursuing a grant are encouraged to submit a proposal here. Please complete this form for both the coffee funds and/or the greater outreach series. Or, please feel free to schedule a consultation with members of the Doyle Team in order to shape a proposal. Contact Joselyn Lewis or James Olsen for more information.

    All ideas and creative proposals welcomed!