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CNDLS is pleased to offer a variety of workshops for faculty and graduate students on a range of topics related to teaching practice and technology. Brief descriptions follow below, along with applicable registration information.


April 2017

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    Implicit Bias in the Classroom and What You Can Do About It

    In this workshop, we’ll explore a dilemma; on the one hand, unconscious biases are a normal, natural result of the workings of the human mind, and so we all have them; on the other hand, these biases (especially given the way they crop up around social dimensions like race, gender, sexuality, and so on) can hamper our ability to teach all of our students equally well. Fortunately, there are strategies that can help us become more self-aware and push back against our biases. This workshop will focus on concrete things we can do to keep unconscious bias out of our pedagogy.

    Car Barn 315
    3:30 PM

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Please note that, while Apprenticeship in Teaching (AT) workshops are open to faculty, they are designed for graduate students. Presentations and many of the exercises are designed for instructors with relatively little teaching experience. Some workshops are more appropriate than others for those with more teaching experience. Faculty with a particular interest in one of the AT workshops should contact James Olsen before registering.