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In collaboration with the Gelardin New Media Center, CNDLS is pleased to offer a variety of workshops for faculty and graduate students on a range of topics related to teaching practice and to technology. Brief descriptions follow below, along with links to register for these workshops.


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    Video Editing with Final Cut X

    This workshop will provide an overview of Apple's professional video editing platform Final Cut Pro X. Participants will learn how to ingest footage, make basic cuts, add titles, add secondary audio, and export a final movie to a sharable file format. Participants should have some basic experience with video editing before registering for this workshop (for example, iMovie).

    Picchi (Gelardin)
    10:00 AM

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    Getting More Done with your iPad

    Participants in this workshop will get hands-on instruction in using the iPad to take notes and create documents, communicate and collaborate with others, and stay on top of projects. The instructor will cover a variety of apps available from the Apple App Store, and demonstrate ways to be more productive with "just" a tablet.

    Picchi (Gelardin)
    2:00 PM

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    GeorgetownX: Genomic Medicine Gets Personal

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    This course will provide an introduction to genomic medicine and a better understanding of the issues associated with personal genomic information.

    While the advances in genomics promise to usher in a new era in medical practice and create a major paradigm shift in patient care, the social impact of genomic medicine will be equally significant. The information and potential use of genomic discoveries are no longer issues left for scientists and medical professionals to handle, but have become ones for the public at large. Rarely a day passes without a genomics-related story reported in the media. By the end of this course, students will be able to better understand the field of genomics; be familiar with various online databases and resources; and understand and appreciate the medical, social, ethical, and legal issues associated with the availability of personal genomic information.
    12:00 AM

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Please note that, while Apprenticeship in Teaching (AT) workshops are open to faculty, they are designed for graduate students. Presentations and many of the exercises are designed for instructors with relatively little teaching experience. Some workshops are more appropriate than others for those with more teaching experience. Faculty with a particular interest in one of the AT workshops should contact John Rakestraw before registering.
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