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In collaboration with the Gelardin New Media Center, CNDLS is pleased to offer a variety of workshops for faculty and graduate students on a range of topics related to teaching practice and to technology. Brief descriptions follow below, along with links to register for these workshops.


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    AT Program: Lesson Design: Planning an effective 75 minutes Elective Workshop

    In this workshop, we’ll talk about what makes a good and effective class session, and how to plan for it. We’ll explore the use of backward design in helping you articulate your goals for the session, and how to create a structure—on paper and in the classroom—that helps you reach those goals. We’ll discuss balance—between various in-class activities, between sessions, and between planning and flexibility. We’ll also put these ideas into practice, so come with an idea for a class session you want to plan!

    HFSC: Social Room
    1:00 PM

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    AT Program: Active Learning in STEM Fields and Beyond Elective Workshop

    Linda Hodges, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Director of the Faculty Development Center at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, will lead this workshop on effective use of active learning techniques. Dr. Hodges has led a successful career as a scientist, professor, and faculty developer, and is author of the recent book Teaching Undergraduate Science: A Guide to Overcoming Obstacles to Student Learning. Although oriented toward STEM disciplines, this workshop will be useful for anyone interested in research on and best practices with regard to active learning.

    HFSC: Social Room
    12:00 PM

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    AT Program: Syllabus Design Required Workshop

    In this workshop we will discuss the fundamental components of a good syllabus as well as organizational approaches to designing one. In light of these components and approaches, we will discuss best practices of syllabus design through past examples. Participants should bring a syllabus or ideas for a syllabus to the workshop to receive informal feedback from the group.

    HFSC: Social Room
    5:00 PM

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    AT Program: Assessment and Grading Required Workshop

    In this workshop, participants will explore the theory and practice of assessing student learning, including ways to fairly and effectively grade student work. Participants will complete a Teaching Goals Inventory designed to help instructors be explicit about their goals for students' learning, and will be exposed to Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) to use as ungraded feedback throughout the semester. The workshop will also touch on your responsibilities with regard to the Honor System at Georgetown and how best to prevent plagiarism in student work.

    HFSC: Social Room
    10:00 AM

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    AT Program: Effective Classroom Interaction Required Workshop

    This workshop covers various types of classroom interaction including lecture, discussion, and other activities that can be used in both small and large classes. Possible additional topics include the use of online communication environments to enhance class interactions both in and outside the classroom.

    HFSC: Social Room
    3:00 PM

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Please note that, while Apprenticeship in Teaching (AT) workshops are open to faculty, they are designed for graduate students. Presentations and many of the exercises are designed for instructors with relatively little teaching experience. Some workshops are more appropriate than others for those with more teaching experience. Faculty with a particular interest in one of the AT workshops should contact James Olsen before registering.