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In collaboration with the Gelardin New Media Center, CNDLS is pleased to offer a variety of workshops for faculty and graduate students on a range of topics related to teaching practice and to technology. Brief descriptions follow below, along with links to register for these workshops.


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    AT Program: Assessment and Grading Required Workshop

    In this workshop, participants will explore the theory and practice of assessing student learning, including ways to fairly and effectively grade student work. Participants will complete a Teaching Goals Inventory designed to help instructors be explicit about their goals for students' learning, and will be exposed to Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) to use as ungraded feedback throughout the semester. The workshop will also touch on your responsibilities with regard to the Honor System at Georgetown and how best to prevent plagiarism in student work.

    Car Barn 316
    11:00 AM

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    AT Program: The Teaching Portfolio Required Workshop

    When beginning the job search, applicants for teaching positions are often asked to provide a teaching portfolio, a philosophy statement or some other documentation from their teaching experience. How do you best demonstrate the depth and scope of your teaching skills and experiences? In this workshop, we will examine and discuss how you might document and reflect on the knowledge and skills gained from your teaching experience through developing a professional teaching portfolio. We will illustrate the iterative and continuing nature of portfolio construction. Participants will leave the workshop with a template for building their own teaching portfolios, as well as examples to support them in writing their own teaching philosophy statement.

    Car Barn 316
    1:00 PM

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Please note that, while Apprenticeship in Teaching (AT) workshops are open to faculty, they are designed for graduate students. Presentations and many of the exercises are designed for instructors with relatively little teaching experience. Some workshops are more appropriate than others for those with more teaching experience. Faculty with a particular interest in one of the AT workshops should contact James Olsen before registering.
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