Videotaped Teaching Practice

Authentic Teaching Tasks

Videotaped Teaching Practice

As with our other teaching tasks, the videotaped teaching task is participant-directed. Students will record themselves teaching and come in to CNDLS for a teaching consultation. To complete this task, you are required to

  • Complete the Videotape Teaching Form
  • Arrange for a 30+ min opportunity to teach (see below)
  • Video record your teaching session
  • Upload your video to your private Youtube page (and embed it in your teaching portfolio if you have one)
  • Send an email to in order to schedule a consultation; the email should contain:
    1. 1. A copy of the relevant syllabus (or lecture plan if no syllabus is available);
    2. 2. The completed form;
    3. 3. A copy of your AT Bibliography (please note the specific requirements listed on the AT Bibliography page);
    4. 4. A link to the video;
    5. 5. Your availability;
  • Attend a one hour consultation.

You should schedule your consultation sometime during your final semester in the program, preferably after completion of all other authentic teaching tasks, thus allowing it to serve as a capstone event.

If you are teaching or serving as a Teaching Assistant, you should feel free to videotape your class. Be sure to have students sign the video release form, which is available on the left side of the page (under "Related Links").

If you have not and probably will not teach during your graduate career at Georgetown, we have listed below other teaching venues for you to arrange an audience. You are responsible for arranging your own session, including recruiting an audience and securing a location for your session. In such situations, however, you ought to nevertheless approach the experience as though you were teaching an actual class during a traditional semester.

For those of you unfamiliar with video recording, editing, or uploading, we strongly recommend that you make use of the Gelardin New Media Center’s services. They are able to check out cameras, train you in their usage, as well as assist in editing and uploading videos.

After submitting an email to share your video and other materials, the AT Program Assistant will set up a video consultation between you and a CNDLS reviewer. Note: If you are graduating, you need to have completed your video consultation before that semester’s scheduled deadline (see Submission Schedule). During your consultation, you and an experienced faculty or staff member will view portions of the video together and discuss specific and descriptive feedback based on the teaching goals articulated in the form, delivery, and classroom interaction. Your consultation will also be an opportunity for you to ask particular questions that you have.

Other Venues to Practice Teaching:

We encourage participants who are not already involved in teaching to think creatively about possible venues. You might consider:

  1. 1. Contacting a professor in your department with whom you have rapport in order to guest teach on a given day or during a 30 min portion of one class;
  2. 2. Contacting your Director of Graduate Studies or the Director of Undergraduate Studies to inquire about the possibility of leading a review session;
  3. 3. Teaching a “Master Class” to fellow graduate students in your discipline on an area of your expertise
  4. 4. Teaching a high school course during the school year or over the summer. Please make sure the students sign the release form on the left side of the page (under "Related Links").


Please see our "Resources" page for creative lecture and discussion ideas.