Elements of a Teaching Portfolio


Elements of a Teaching Portfolio

The following are suggested elements for your Teaching Portfolio.

Introduction: Use this space to introduce yourself, including your name, discipline, year of graduate study, research interests, career goals, etc.  Please also upload a CV or resume, and consider including a photo.

Philosophy of Teaching Statement: In this space you should include key points about your teaching philosophy.  You should also attach a copy of your Philosophy of Teaching Statement.  Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement (Iowa) can serve as a resource for you.

Teaching Workshops: List the elective teaching workshops you attended, and include a brief reflection for each.  Consider the following questions in your reflection:

  • What was the most useful thing you learned from this workshop?
  • What strategies/skills did you learn that you are likely to use in your teaching?
  • How did this workshop help you make new connections between student learning and teaching practice? 

Classroom Observation: Use this space to write a brief abstract about your guided classroom observation.  Include a description of the class, your relationship to the class, and notes about classroom interaction, teaching practice, and student engagement.

Course Syllabus: Use this space to attach the Course Syllabus you created through the AT Program and briefly describe what class it is for, how it fits into the larger curriculum of the discipline, and the group of students you envisioned when you developed it.  The Syllabus Design Workshop will provide you with additional information about creating a course syllabus.  Creating Your Syllabus (CRLT, Michigan) offers additional information about creating a course syllabus.