AT Bibliography


A key goal of the AT Program is to introduce participants to proven teaching strategies and to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). We hope to equip you with the ability to implement those strategies that most appeal to you and facilitate your ability to explore SoTL literature on topics of personal interest.

Toward these ends, in order to complete the AT program, we require you to build an annotated bibliography, allowing you to explore relevant literature on teaching and evaluate its usefulness in relation to your own teaching practice. A good place to start is our Teaching Commons page on SoTL. (This page contains a link to a database on SoTL journals.) Note that we will discuss your bibliography during your teaching consultation, touching on some of the topics you explored and their impact on your teaching.

Your AT Bibliography should contain the following:

  • Ten citations of SoTL journal or other articles on pedagogy or learning that you have found personally beneficial.* For each citation, include a short, paragraph-length abstract explaining the main point of the article and what about it you found useful (in the context of your current or future teaching).
  • Ten teaching techniques gleaned during your time in the program. For each technique, include a short, paragraph-length discussion of how or why you have or plan to make use of this practice.

You can see a sample AT Bibliography here.