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Sabrina Wang headshot

Online Learning and Technology Specialist

M.Ed., Technology, Innovation and Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Working as the Online Learning and Technology Specialist at CNDLS, Sabrina is responsible for supporting CNDLS online programs and Georgetown’s faculty development, designing and implementing online and hybrid courses to integrate technological and pedagogical innovations.

Sabrina is from Beijing, China. She obtained her bachelor’s degree at Peking University major in English literature, and continued her master’s studies at Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), concentrating on Technology, Innovation, and Education. Sabrina is passionate about leveraging emerging technologies and multi-media to design innovative and engaging learning experiences in the classroom and online to empower learners. She has been a Learning Resources Designer at Microsoft Asia to develop language learning mobile apps; a Curriculum Researcher and Designer at HGSE and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative on the “Reach Every Reader” project; an Instructional Designer at an ed-tech startup assisting the redesign of online courses for college clients; she also worked closely with faculty in her role as an international education counselor.

Sabrina is also an outdoor and sports enthusiast, likes nature and traveling, and enjoys cooking in her free time. She also plays the ukulele and piano for relaxation.