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Jalisa Monroe headshot

Instructional Design and Technology Specialist

M.A., Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Jalisa enjoys finding ways to elevate the learning experience. With over five years in the field, she’s skilled at designing engaging courses and selecting the appropriate tech tools. She’s also an adjunct lecturer for a course she designed called “Yoga in the West.” Jalisa received her master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and it was there that she began her online learning journey, joining the Instructional Technology team a couple months before graduation.

During her time at UMBC, she co-authored articles like “Capturing Student Achievement and Learning Pathways at UMBC” published by IGI Global, and “Continuous Improvement of Student Learning” with AEFIS Academy. Transitioning to Georgetown, her favorite part about her role is collaborating with others, figuring out new technologies, and seeing how all the pieces come together. Beyond writing and presenting findings, Jalisa has led faculty trainings to further the goal of fostering a positive learning experience.